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The major focus of Asayo's Wish is to help children who have been orphaned by War and Aids, those who have been abused and abandoned by mothers and those who have resorted to living on the street just to survive. Our aim is to also Improve the lives of Ugandan women and their families by vocational training and the teaching of basic business skills.


We would like to tackle and eradicate poverty and unemployment with lasting results making a tangible difference to thousands upon thousands of families living on or under the poverty line by starting up small scale enterprises. Also, develop and mentor profitable micro-business opportunities and outcome- home based projects, owned by the women develop and nurture a network of strategic partners and alliances throughout the country, and the world.

  1. To strengthen the capacity of the community to meet the socioeconomic needs of orphans and vulnerable children in a sustainable way
  2. To establish links between community institutions and structures to allow the orphans and vulnerable children easy access to vital services such as healthcare, education and training
  3. To enhance the opportunities for the orphans and vulnerable children easy access to primary, secondary and a college education
  4. To create opportunities for the orphans and vulnerable children to better their lives via vocational training and income generating activities
  5. To promote educational and treatment programs that strengthen family life.
  6. To promote accessible, affordable primary health care for children.
  7. To promote higher education and / or vocational training for adolescents.
  8. To promote adequate housing, nutrition, sanitation and clean water for children.
  9. To promote safety for children by an awareness of substance abuse, child abuse and child labor practices.
  10. To promote programs concerned with the spiritual and emotional development of children.
  11. To promote International and Intercultural solidarity through support and learning with foreign donors.

Asayo's Wish Proposal
Click here to download Asayos Wish Proposal in a Adobe PDF format
To download a gift form in PDF format, Click Here

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